3rd of July, 5:30 - 8pm
artist talks at 6pm
FELTdark screens from 7pm

4th - 20th JUly 2019

FEATURING ARTISTS: Ellie Anderson (VIC), Jessica Green (SA), Emma Northey (SA) & Stephen Roedel (SA)

data streams organised through the language of code, electronic noise and visual perception.

CODED is a program composed of a non-narrative electronic noise and filmic collaboration between Emma Northey and Stephen Roedel, a light installation by Jessica Green, and an encoded sound installation by Ellie Anderson. Each work engages electronic environments to transmit, disrupt and communicate via audio and visual signals.

Ellie Anderson reMorse (2017).jpeg


reMORSE is a continuously looped two channel sound installation exploring layers of communication and interaction between artist and others.

Ellie Anderson is a Melbourne based photographer and installation artist. Anderson has attended the Victorian College of the Arts, Glasgow School of Art, and recently completed her undergrad degree is sound art at RMIT. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally, being selected for a number of exhibitions including GIRL SPACE (Fran Fest) The Mill in Adelaide, IPF Photo Prize Melbourne, TRANSMISSION at Sawtooth ARI Launceston, and TAKE DRUGS STEAL CARS BUCKFAST. - A Retrospective and PINHOLE PEEPSHOW in Glasgow.

Jessica Green (SA) - solar

Solar (2019) utilizes ambient LED lighting to investigate the perceptual qualities of daylight transferred from the sun.
Light is a pre requisite to vision and it illuminates our surroundings.
The presence or absence of daylight influences our daily activities and differing qualities of light signal changes in time, season and weather. The daily rhythms of light impact our physiological systems, mood and the natural environment.
This work highlights the relational qualities present in complex systems and the transition between different states of phenomena and experience.

Jessica Green is a South Australian emerging artist working in sculpture and installation. She graduated with Honours from the Adelaide Central School of Art in 2015 and has exhibited nationally. Her studio practice engages with notions of emergence and the varying components present in creative coincidence. Often drawn from experiments into science, technology, optics and sensory perception.
Drawn from experiments into science technology and sensory perception my work explores the psychology and embodied nature of experience.


Emma Northey (SA) & Stephen Roedel (SA) - Code Breaker

'Images that throb and hum. Sounds in radiant, pulsing technicolour.

The filmic collaboration, between animator and sound artist, as an act of synesthesia: signals become light noise becomes movement.'

Unique amongst mixed media collaborations, Northey and Roedel have worked on numerous projects for art galleries, film festivals and artist run spaces. Their moving image work builds up an extraordinary density of sound and image, often re-purposing found materials with horrifying, hallucinatory and hilarious results, in films such as I Love You (review) 2004 and the Electronic Devils 1447 series.