FELTspace believes that part of building and maintaining a thriving art community means providing space to develop and engage with critical discussion and writing. In 2015 FELTspace relaunched the writers' program to further our aim of helping curators, artists and writers, to develop their arts writing practice.

This program provides opportunities for writers to have their work published, as well as encouraging critical discourse around the FELTspace exhibition program. FELTspace will facilitate professional development by working closely with the chosen writers to connect them to artists, writers and local publications. Writers can also receive feedback and editorial assistance in the development of their pieces. 

The state of being natural / dESKTOP PUBLISHER / NAaN - December 2017

Artists: Matthew Gorgula / Gemma Weston / Elyas Alavi

Author - Kathleen Linn

Restless Sieidi  / Here be dragons / a condition for doing things together  - November 2017

Artists: Olivia Kathigitis / Cassie Thring / Catherine Parsonage & Kate Power

Author - Liv Spiers

Peeneeyt Meerreeng (before, now, tomorrow) / Left behind - October 2017

Artists: Hayley Millar-Baker / Jane Skeer

Author - Vanessa Cianfaglione

Traffic Jam / out of sorting the out of sorts / making myself at home - August 2017

Artists: Sophie Corso / Nat Penney / Kelley Reynolds

Author - Chase

Tammy and jim / Descendant and False Door /essai - July 2017

Artists: Min Wong / Stephen Armistead / David Greenhalgh

Author - Kate O’Boyle

Cast no shadow / rose tinted / the viloet hour - May 2017

Artists:  Mia Van Den Bos / Callum McGrath / Elise Bonato

Author - Stephanie Daughtry

King Single/Expanded Queen / Parallel - April 2017

Artists: Liam Colgan / Kristen Coleman

Author: Caitlin Eyre

The Earth Coincidence Control Office / Studies of Nature / Shifting Interior Cavities - February 2017

Artists:  Kieron Broadhurst & Jack Wansbrough / Ash Tower / Gail Hocking

Author - Bernadette Klavins

City of Future Excess / Loaded / Self Portrait as OK Cupid Questionnaire- December 2016

Artists: Jen Mathews / Georgina Banks / Carla Adams

Author - Melissa McGrath

Vote for me - September 2016

Artists - Frances Barrett, Ashleigh D'Antonio, Virginia Fraser and Elvis Richardson, Sera Waters, Mary-Jean Richardson, Sasha Grbich, Romi Graham, Hissy Fit and Mia Van Den Bos

FELTspace | Author - Ilona Wallace
Fontanelle | Author - Kristen Coleman


Artists: Philip Gibson, Brad Lay, Jessie Lumb / Grace Marlow

Author - Alysha Herrman

Failed Restorations / Shuffling Slowly Toward The Exit / You Can See Me But I Can’t See You - july 2016

Artists:  Ida Lawrence / Shannon Lyons / Kristen Coleman

Author –  Kate O’Boyle


Artists: Benjamin Crowley / Bernadette Klavins

Author –  Georgina Chatterton

Slime TIME / The one on one (watching us watching them) - March 2016

Artists: Anna Gore / Ella Sowinska

Author – Greta Gramaizo

Team Trampoline/Lifting my Weight – February 2016

Artists: Meg Wilson, Ashton Malcolm, Josie Were / Jodie Whalen 

Author – Tegan Hale

TrANSFIGURING / SLEEP - December 2015

Artists: Tom Borgas, Cheryl Hutchens, Tristan Louth-Robins, Sophia Phillips, Alice Saltmarsh and Carly Snoswell /  Kirsty Martinsen 

Author – Caroline Reid


Artists: Celeste Aldahn /  Margaret Lloyd

Author – Claire Robinson

I'm Cornered/Unviewable Acts in Space  - October 2015

Artists: Roberta Rich /  Rhiannon Jones

Author –  Andrew Assels

lighthousekeeping - sEPTEMBER 2015  

Artists: Sally Arnold (SA), Rebecca Birch (UK), Mary Good (VIC), Elizabeth Hetzel (SA), Olga Sankey (SA)

Author – Lauren Mustillo

Cacsa contemporary 2015 - August 2015  

Artists: Louise Haselton / Christine Collins (CACSA Contemporary 2015)

Author – Petra Mosman

disembodied/ Diarmid Campbell at FELTspace - June 2015  

Curated by Meagan Jones (SA), Feat artists: Allison Chhorn, Ebony Heidenreich, Emily Clinton, Tamzin Buchan, Kerryn Levy, Zoe Brooks (Disembodied) and Diarmid Campbell (Diarmid Campbell at FELTspace)

Author – Susanne Watson 

Sell out/ Worthwhile Risk - May 2015  

Artist - Kate Kurucz (Sell Out) and Kate Beckingham (Worthwhile Risk)

Author – Stan Mahoney

Like I’m Apart / Shifting Terrains – A Quiet Disturbance - April 2015  

Artist - Steven Cybulka (Like I’m Apart) and Gail Hocking (Shifting Terrains – A Quiet Disturbance)

Author – Brianna Speigh


Artist - Rohan Fraser (Black Mountain), Diego Ramirez (Axolotl's Happiness) & Genevieve Dawson-Scott (This Fruit is for Eating) 

Author - Caitlin Eyre

Subjectify Me - December 2014

Artist - Brown Council, Madison Bycroft, Kate Mitchell,Faye Mullen (Canada), Hannah Raisin and Kawita Vatanajyankur

Author - Eleanor Scicchitano

View Master / Harmonic Oscillators - September 2014

Artist - Jess Taylor (View Master) & Riley O’Keeffe (Harmonic Oscillators)

Author - Serena Wong

The Mute World - August 2014

Artist - Jana Hawkins-Andersen

Author - Ansie van der Walt

The Black Swan: Suite - August 2014

Artist - Sundari Carmody

Author - Ansie van der Walt

Where to Now / Fishing - July 2014

Artist - Will Nolan (Where to Now) & Lara Torr (Fishing)

Author - Alysha Herrmann

I could have been Canadian / White Out - June 2014

Artist - Jenna Pippett (I could have been Canadian) & Zoe Kirkwood (White Out)

Author - Zoe Freney

Casting Appendages - may 2014

Artist -

Author - Damien Sheridan

The Man With The Movie Camera / Modulator - April 2014

Artist - James Nguyen (The Man With The Movie Camera) & Marcia Jane (Modulator)

Author - John Pagnozzi

Awash / Swimming With Dolphins - March 2014

Artist - Steph Fuller (Awash) & Christopher Handran (Swimming With Dolphins)

Author - Caitlin Eyre

200 White Cubes (striped) - January 2014

Artist - Tom Borgas

Author - Eleanor Scicchitano

Orange Wrappers - August 2013

Artist - Paul Hoban & Scott Pyle

Author - Prena Ashok

Something Remains - July 2013

Artist - Elizabeth Bevan-Parrella, Cherie Redwood & Renate Nisi

Author - Heath Campbell

The Knitted Poo and Other Machines - January 2013

Artist - Ben Leslie 'Prop Shop for Sculptcha Vulcha' & Team Textiles

Author - Sasha Grbich

Heart Shaped Guts - January 2010

Artist - Brigid Noone

Author - Mary Knights