FELTspace Philanthropic Fund

The FELTspace Philanthropic Fund is awarded twice a year with the announcement of the exhibition program. An anonymous donor has kindly donated the equivalent cost of the gallery rental to artists showing the front gallery ($300), back gallery ($150), FELTdark ($75) or a combination. The fund totalling $900 per year is distributed across up to 6 exhibitions per year. 

Facilitated by members of the FELTspace committee, the artists are chosen by the donor. The donor is unknown to the current board of co-directors and the recipients are chosen based on the quality of their exhibition proposals. 

We would like to thank the anonymous donor(s) for their contribution and congratulate the recipients past and present! 

Jan-Jun 2015

Claire Finneran - RnRnRnB (February - Front Gallery)
Gail Hocking (SA) - Shifting Terrains - A Quiet Disturbance (April - Back Gallery)

Jul-Dec 2015

Sally Arnold, Rebecca Birch, Mary Good, Elizabeth Hetzel, Olga Sankey (SA) - lighthousekeeping (September - Front Gallery)
Margaret Lloyd (SA) - ég skil ekki, or I don't understand (October - Back Gallery)

Jan-Jun 2016

Jodie Whalen (NSW) - Lifting My Weight (February - Back Gallery)
Meg Wilson (SA) - Team Trampoline (February - Front Gallery)
Ella Sowinska (VIC) - The One on One (watching us watching them) (March - Back Gallery)

Jul-Dec 2016

Philip Gibson, Brad Lay, Jessie Lumb (SA) - Chroma Coded (August - Front Gallery + FELTdark)
Edwina Cooper (SA) - Port-all (November - Front Gallery)
Carla Adams (WA) - Self Portrait as OkCupid Questionnaire (December - FELTdark)

Feb-Jun 2017

Ash Tower (SA) - Studies of Nature (February - Back Gallery)
Renuka Rajiv (India) - Nocturnal (March - FELTdark)
Christina Peek (SA) - Since the invention of the kiss… (June - Front Gallery)