FELTspace Philanthropic Fund

The FELTspace Philanthropic Fund is awarded twice a year with the announcement of the exhibition program. An anonymous donor/s has kindly donated the equivalent cost of the gallery rental to artists showing the front gallery ($300), back gallery ($150), FELTdark ($75) or a combination. The fund totalling up to $1050 per year is distributed across up to 6 exhibitions per year. 

Facilitated by members of the FELTspace committee, the artists are chosen by the donor/s. The donor/s is unknown to the current board of Co-Directors and the recipients are chosen based on the quality of their exhibition proposals. 

We would like to thank the anonymous donor/s for their contribution and congratulate the recipients past and present! 

sep 2019-Feb 2020

Aida Azin, Ellese Mclindin, Emmaline Zanelli, Kathryn Evans, Karlien Van Rooyen & Tessa Crathern (SA) - Eight Fingers Crossed (September - Front Gallery)
Erin Linhart (TAS) - A Little More Suffering (October - Back Gallery)
Sue Kneebone (SA) - Pampelmousses Garden (February - FELTdark)

Mar-Jul 2018

Derek Sargent (SA) - Genuine & Authentic (March - Front Gallery)
Steph Fuller (SA) - Deep Space (March - Back Gallery)
Corinna Berndt (VIC) - Collision Level (June - FELTdark)

JUL-DEC 2017

David Greenhalgh (NSW) - Essai (July - FELTdark)
Sophie Corso (SA) - Traffic Jam (August - Front Gallery)
Alycia Bennett (SA) - 21st Century Explore (September - Back Gallery)

Feb-Jun 2017

Ash Tower (SA) - Studies of Nature (February - Back Gallery)
Renuka Rajiv (India) - exploration in motion (March - FELTdark)
Christina Peek (SA) - Since the invention of the kiss… (June - Front Gallery)

Jul-Dec 2016

Philip Gibson, Brad Lay, Jessie Lumb (SA) - Chroma Coded (August - Front Gallery + FELTdark)
Edwina Cooper (SA) - Port-all (November - Front Gallery)
Carla Adams (WA) - Self Portrait as OkCupid Questionnaire (December - FELTdark)

Jan-Jun 2016

Jodie Whalen (NSW) - Lifting My Weight (February - Back Gallery)
Meg Wilson (SA) - Team Trampoline (February - Front Gallery)
Ella Sowinska (VIC) - The One on One (watching us watching them) (March - Back Gallery)

Jul-Dec 2015

Sally Arnold, Rebecca Birch, Mary Good, Elizabeth Hetzel, Olga Sankey (SA) - lighthousekeeping (September - Front Gallery)
Margaret Lloyd (SA) - ég skil ekki, or I don't understand (October - Back Gallery)

Jan-Jun 2015

Claire Finneran - RnRnRnB (February - Front Gallery)
Gail Hocking (SA) - Shifting Terrains - A Quiet Disturbance (April - Back Gallery)