Hardcore Folklore II - Celeste Aldahn

Opening - 12:00 AM - Thursday, 3rd of February

Artist Talk - 6:00 PM

Running - 3 Feb 2011 - 19 Feb 2011

I am an Adelaide born and based emerging artist. With a background in performance, currently my practice is mostly illustrative, sculptural and craft-ual and explores themes of mysticism and new-age spirituality. While I have always found the most intuitive themes and content for my work to be the spiritual and the otherworldly, my creations are also testament to my belief in creation as a form of "homemade magic". As a self-confessed ex pre-teen witch and the daughter of a culture dabbling with the new-age, my compulsion toward the mystic has roots deeply nested in my upbringing and experiences as a young girl.

I have recently graduated from the South Australian School of Art where I majored in Sculpture. While an undergraduate, I was extremely proactive and exhibited regularly- almost exclusively in self-executed and funded shows held in irregular sites or empty buildings. In addition to these, I have exhibited in Disco Beans Gallery, Melbourne; Firstdraft Gallery, Sydney; Format Space, Liverpool Street Gallery and FELTSpace in Adelaide. My work has been published in "So Nice to Finally Meet You", 2009, edited by Philadelphian artist Joanna S. Quigley.