Justin Timberlake / Romi Graham - Romi Graham

Opening - 12:00 AM - Sunday, 24th of February

Artist Talk - 5:30 PM

Running - 24 Feb 2008 - 24 Feb 2008

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE/ROMI GRAHAM is an exhibition of part creepy-fan-art, part awkward irony, in which Romi Graham has appropriated pop superstar Justin Timberlake as her alter-ego, to perform re-enactments of Timberlake's concerts. The exhibition will also launch Graham's re-creation of Timberlake's highly acclaimed second solo album, Futuresex/Lovesounds, which she has recorded entirely by herself on her low-grade computer and has been said to "sound like something dying". JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE/ROMI GRAHAM will also feature naff paintings and drawings.
Mugs and t-shirts will be available for purchase.

Romi Graham is a graduate of the South Australian School of Art, who spent six months of her degree studying at Buffalo State College in Buffalo, New York. She is a multidisciplinary artist, working in performance, video, sculpture, installation, textiles, photography and drawing. She has organized and participated in several group exhibitions, two solo exhibitions and produced work collaboratively for 'The Tea Party', 'Mystical Daze' and 'Yoko Faux Mo'. She also has a growing Justin Timberlake merchandise collection, including a limited edition No Strings Attached doll, from Timberlake's 'N Sync days.