mumble(speak) National Tour 2010 - Matt Warren

Opening - 12:00 AM - Sunday, 27th of June

Artist Talk - 7:00 PM

Running - 27 Jun 2010 - 27 Jun 2010

FELTspace has the pleasure of hosting Matt Warren with his mumble(speak) performance/national tour.

DOORS OPEN AT 7:00PM with a $5 Dollar door charge_ HOW CHEAP IS THAT!!! So please come on down and support local arts culture with a drink or two and enjoy the performance on hand!

Industrial hums, subterranean rumbles from the earth, voices uttered in hushed tones (like the sound of a memory as an internal dialogue) and the search for pieces of melody amongst the murk.

A short bio of Matt and mumble(speak) Hobart based artist and musician Matt Warren started this solo act mumble(speak) as a 'mood' project alongside his Broken Tiny (distorted beats/power electronics) and Time Office (shoegaze/melodic rock) projects in 2007. This soon became his main solo project.

Influenced by the sound design of Alan Splet and David Lynch, the dark ambient project from Mick Harris called LULL and the expansive soundscapes of Brian Eno, mumble(speak) has evolved over this short period, utilising sampled drones and voice, effected live guitar and vocals and in some cases video components.

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