Orange Wrappers - Scott Pyle & Paul Hoban

Opening - 12:00 AM - Wednesday, 7th of August

Artist Talk - 5:30 PM

Running - 7 Aug 2013 - 24 Aug 2013

Orange Wrappers is a unique collaborative project of quirky paintings made by Tutti Artist Scott Pyle and artist Paul Hoban that demonstrate how intuition and spontaneity are fruitful common ground between 'so-called' outsider art and avant-garde practice.

This collaborative project by Scott Pyle of Tutti Visual Arts and artist and educator Paul Hoban will demonstrate how intuition and spontaneity can be fruitful common ground for co-production between so-called outsider art and so-called avant-garde practice. For Hoban, philosophically, art history is not about affirming formal reduction and totalizing idealisms, but rather it is a history of unpredictable leaps and challenges to conventions. Art historians have sometimes described these ruptures in terms such as "practices of negation". But in this collaborative exhibition, equally powerful and original visions can be the result of a different kind of transgression. Formal rules and cultural expectations are not these artists' concerns. Innocent or unself-conscious contradictions of presumptuous aesthetic values can make for audacious difference, too. And surely it is that quality that gives one the thrill of surprise that we have come to want from all great art. It's the place that these artists set their sails. This exhibition entertains the idea that collaboration is an important strategy, with the potential to defy the traditional tendency to claim individual authority and object autonomy in art making. There is something liberating in this - it is liberation from the bonds of formal expectation and self-conscious pre-determination.