Plasticus - Carolyn Hanna & Vanessa White

Opening - 12:00 AM - Wednesday, 15th of January

Artist Talk - 5:30 PM

Running - 15 Jan 2014 - 1 Feb 2014

Drawing from dance, painting, video and the plastic arts this work is an inter-disciplinary collaboration between two artists who have spent their lives since high school as close friends though only recently as artistic collaborators. This long term friendship between performance artist (Carolyn Hanna) and visual artist (Vanessa White) is a tangible ingredient in this work which touches on intimacy, internal body imagery, visual art, humour, absurdism, dance and performance practices that explore the experience of the body in the world. Space is an essential part of the Plasticus dialogue, combined with an interest in engaging the viewer by changing fixed viewpoints. Of particular interest to the artists is the experience of using a medium that is not their primary artistic focus within a performance context.

We are intensely interested in an audiences experience, as we believe the result of this proposed activity in the space could potentially connect with the viewer's own expression and experience of their body in the world as the mind gives over to the more visceral experience of the body.