The Knitted Poo Machine - Team Textiles

Opening - 12:00 AM - Wednesday, 5th of June

Artist Talk - 5:30 PM

Running - 5 Jun 2013 - 22 Jun 2013

The Knitted Poo Machine is an interactive installation piece aiming to engage an audience in serious play. Team Textiles set up a unique participatory scenario by installing The Knitted Poo Machine and participants are invited to share, add too and extend the work by finger knitting their own poo specimen. Staging this activity in a gallery space gives irreverence and valorisation to a private but universally experienced mundane bodily function. It's also funny and prompts people to share their most hilarious 'poo' stories.

Participants tactile engagement with the artwork results in the production of experimental souvenirs that are then placed into zip lock bags, signed, dated and nailed to the wall. The defiant act of a dirty textile protest!

The growing collection of woolly excrement reinforces the open-ended objective of The Knitted Poo Machine as an ever-evolving community engagement device.

Team Textiles is a collective of three artists, Mae Finlayson, Abigayle Tett and Ashley Bird, based in Launceston, Tasmania.