TEXTclub is FELTspace's critical discussion group that parallels the exhibition program. TEXTclub provides a platform to think and talk about art, text, inter-disciplinary ideas and the relationship between the current exhibition and the selected text. 

Past TEXTclub readings

October 2017 - Peeneeyt Meerreeng (Before, Now, Tomorrow) Hayley Millar-Baker (VIC)
'Australian Aboriginal Art: It's Still A White Thing' by Claire E Hanlon

September 2017: 21st Century Explorer - Alycia Bennett (SA)
'Enclave' Audio walking tour by Alycia Bennett

July 2017: Tammy and Jim - Min Wong (SA)
'Holy Mountain' by Alexandro Jodorowsky

June 2017: Since The Invention of the Kiss... - Christina Peek (SA)
'How Rom-Coms Undermine Women' by Megan Garber

May 2017: Cast No Shadow - Mia Van den Bos (SA)
'The Society of the Unspectacular' by Eric Kluitenberg

April 2017: Parallel - Kristen Coleman (SA)
Wasp (2003, 24:11) by Andrea Arnold

March 2017: 1:1 - Sara Morawetz (NY/NSW)
"On the Impossibility of Drawing a Map of the Empire on a Scale of 1 to 1" by Umberto Eco
1:1 (After Umberto) – Part II (FELTspace – Adelaide, SA, 2017) Sara Morawetz

February 2017: Studies of Nature - Ash Tower (SA)
'Editorial Response Social Text' by Bruce Robbins and Andrew Ross (Co-Editors, for Social Text)

December 2016: City of Future Excess - Jen Mathews (VIC/SA)
'The Generic City' (1995) by Rem Koolhaas

November 2016: Port-all - Edwina Cooper (SA)
'Shipwreck with Spectator' by Hans Blumenberg

September 2016: Vote For Me - Curated by Powerhouse, Text selected by Kate Power (SA)
'Taking the Measure of Sexism: Facts, Figures, and Fixes' by Maura Reilly

August 2016: not - Grace Marlow (SA)
'Object Lessons: Thinking Gender Variance through Minimalist Sculpture' by Gordon Hall

July 2016: You Can See Me But I Can't See You - Kristen Coleman (SA)
'Ten Minutes Older' (1978) by Herz Frank

June 2016: Encounter Doubt - Benjamin Crowley (QLD)
BNE - ADL / Exclusive screening of six Brisbane video artists: Rachael Archibald, Yannick Blattner, Jaden Gallagher, Aishla Manning, Daniel McKewen, Parallel Park (Tayla Haggarty and Holly Bates) curated by Benjamin Crowley

May 2016: I like dancing and dancing likes me - Luke Wilcox (SA)
'I Am Searching For Field Character' (1977) by Joseph Beuys

March 2016: Slime Time - Anna Gore (SA)
'One Work series: Mary Heilman 'Save the Last Dance for Me'' by Terry R. Myers

February 2016: Team Trampoline - Meg Wilson (SA)
Rosannagh MacLennan Wins Women's Trampoline Gold - London 2012 Olympics

January 2016: Ćreature of the Elēgiac - Elise Bonato (SA)
'Cinema of the Sublime: Theorising the Ineffable' by Jeffrey Pence

November 2015: Filth is Glamour - Celeste Aldahn (SA)
'The Solar Anus' by Georges Bataille 

October 2015: I'm Cornered - Roberta Rich (VIC)
'Passing for White, Passing for Black' by Adrian Piper

September 2015: lighthousekeeping - Sally Arnold (SA), Rebecca Birch (UK), Mary Good (VIC), Elizabeth Hetzel (SA), Olga Sankey (SA)
'lighthousekeeping' (2004) by Jeanette Winterson