Initiated in 2015, TEXTclub is a public program that parallels FELTspace's monthly exhibition programming. It provides a platform for discourse and critical discussion around art, text, inter-disciplinary ideas, and the relationship between the current exhibition and selected 'text'.

We welcome the local community - arts-oriented and beyond - to be present and participate in these open format and accessible discussions around the selected 'text', however the term may be interpreted, with the featured artists and our facilitators.


August 2019: An assessment of space and time - Craig Glasson (SA)
Gaston Bachelard, “The Poetics of Space”, 1958.

July 2019: Kristen Coleman (SA), curator and Jessica Green (SA), Front Gallery artist in discussion about the exhibitions within CODED, in reference to Ryoji Ikeda's film, Spectra (2014).

May 2019: Imago - Lee Walter (SA) in discussion about their exhibition and the classic Woman's Weekly Children's Birthday Cake Book, accompanied by the artist’s version of the Choo-Choo Train cake from the recipe book.

April 2019: keep us far from harm and fault - Caitlin Bowe (SA)
Featuring an exchange of ‘spooky stories’ and supernatural anecdotes with the artist, inspired by their recent artist residency to Itoshima, Japan. Derived from a popular activity of the Edo Period of Japan, the hyaku-monogatari, meaning ‘one hundred stories’.

March 2019: 4000 Stories - Rebecca McEwan (SA)
Sylvia Plath, Bee Poems, various.

February 2019: Keep Your Dukes Up - Sarah Tickle (SA) in discussion about her exhibition with regards to the film Mad Max: Fury Road as a means to investigate her ongoing interest in depictions and subversions of gender in cinema.

December 2018: Nie Deny Nie - Roberta Rich (VIC)

November 2018: Deep, Dark, Desperate - Jess Taylor & Deborah Prior (SA) in discussion about their exhibition collaboration, catalysed by sweet offerings, desserts, chocolate and Devil’s Food Cake.

October 2018: Visitors of the Night - Monika Morgenstern (SA)

September 2018: Absent Bodies - Chelsea Farquhar (SA)
A series of performances, where participants were invited to have an astrological reading with the artist, with their astrological birth chart functioning as the 'selected text'.

August 2018: EDuard Helmbold (SA), Kate O'Boyle (SA), Danny Vines (SA) in discussion about their exhibitions, the FELTspace Graduate Award Program and the selected texts.
Foucault, Michel, "Chapter 11: Confessions of the Flesh" in 'Power/Knowledge: Selected Interviews & Other Writings 1972-1977' (Gordon, Colin eds), (New York: Pantheon Books, 1980).
Ted Talk excerpt: Are you a body with a mind or a mind with a body? - Maryam Alimardani 4:06
Pat Ogden. Chapter 5: Language of the Body: Procedural Learning, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy; Interventions for Trauma and Attachment. 2015

July 2018: Anna Dunnill (VIC) & Alice Blanch (SA) in discussion about their exhibitions and the selected texts.
M. Catherine de Zegher, 'Ouvrage: Knot a Not, Notes as Knots', "The Precarious: The Art and Poetry of Cecilia Vicuna". Hanover, NH: University Press of New England, 1997.
Olafur Eliasson, "Your Gravitational Now"
Originally published in David Featherstone and Joe Painter, eds.,
Spatial Politics: Essays for Doreen Massey (Chichester, 2013), pp.125–32.

June 2018: Barriers IRL - Tom Borgas (SA)
A walking tour of the city's concrete barriers, led by the artist, while in discussion around the selected text.
Hito Steyerl, 'In Free Fall: A Thought Experiment on Vertical Perspective', Journal #24, e-flux, April 2011.

May 2018: A Frame Tale of the Forgotten #3 - Sonara Krix (SA)
The Ground Image by Jean-Luc Nancy, New York: Fordham University Press, 2005, pp 67-68.

December 2017: Out Loud, In Full - Matthew Gorgula (NSW)
Durational reading performance of 'A Room of One's Own' by Virginia Woolf

November 2017: Olivia Kathigitis (SA), Cassie Thring (SA) and Kate Power (SA) in discussion about their exhibitions, recent residencies and the selected texts.
'A Lonely City' and 'A Field Guide to Getting Lost'.

October 2017: Peeneeyt Meerreeng (Before, Now, Tomorrow) Hayley Millar-Baker (VIC)
'Australian Aboriginal Art: It's Still A White Thing' by Claire E Hanlon

September 2017: 21st Century Explorer - Alycia Bennett (SA)
'Enclave' Audio walking tour by Alycia Bennett

July 2017: Tammy and Jim - Min Wong (SA)
'Holy Mountain' by Alexandro Jodorowsky

June 2017: Since The Invention of the Kiss... - Christina Peek (SA)
'How Rom-Coms Undermine Women' by Megan Garber

May 2017: Cast No Shadow - Mia Van den Bos (SA)
'The Society of the Unspectacular' by Eric Kluitenberg

April 2017: Parallel - Kristen Coleman (SA)
Wasp (2003, 24:11) by Andrea Arnold

March 2017: 1:1 - Sara Morawetz (NY/NSW)
"On the Impossibility of Drawing a Map of the Empire on a Scale of 1 to 1" by Umberto Eco
1:1 (After Umberto) – Part II (FELTspace – Adelaide, SA, 2017) Sara Morawetz

February 2017: Studies of Nature - Ash Tower (SA)
'Editorial Response Social Text' by Bruce Robbins and Andrew Ross (Co-Editors, for Social Text)

December 2016: City of Future Excess - Jen Mathews (VIC/SA)
'The Generic City' (1995) by Rem Koolhaas

November 2016: Port-all - Edwina Cooper (SA)
'Shipwreck with Spectator' by Hans Blumenberg

September 2016: Vote For Me - Curated by Powerhouse, Text selected by Kate Power (SA)
'Taking the Measure of Sexism: Facts, Figures, and Fixes' by Maura Reilly

August 2016: not - Grace Marlow (SA)
'Object Lessons: Thinking Gender Variance through Minimalist Sculpture' by Gordon Hall

July 2016: You Can See Me But I Can't See You - Kristen Coleman (SA)
'Ten Minutes Older' (1978) by Herz Frank

June 2016: Encounter Doubt - Benjamin Crowley (QLD)
BNE - ADL / Exclusive screening of six Brisbane video artists: Rachael Archibald, Yannick Blattner, Jaden Gallagher, Aishla Manning, Daniel McKewen, Parallel Park (Tayla Haggarty and Holly Bates) curated by Benjamin Crowley

May 2016: I like dancing and dancing likes me - Luke Wilcox (SA)
'I Am Searching For Field Character' (1977) by Joseph Beuys

March 2016: Slime Time - Anna Gore (SA)
'One Work series: Mary Heilman 'Save the Last Dance for Me'' by Terry R. Myers

February 2016: Team Trampoline - Meg Wilson (SA)
Rosannagh MacLennan Wins Women's Trampoline Gold - London 2012 Olympics

January 2016: ćreature of the elēgiac - Elise Bonato (SA)
'Cinema of the Sublime: Theorising the Ineffable' by Jeffrey Pence

November 2015: Filth is Glamour - Celeste Aldahn (SA)
'The Solar Anus' by Georges Bataille

October 2015: I'm Cornered - Roberta Rich (VIC)
'Passing for White, Passing for Black' by Adrian Piper

September 2015: lighthousekeeping - Sally Arnold (SA), Rebecca Birch (UK), Mary Good (VIC), Elizabeth Hetzel (SA), Olga Sankey (SA)
'lighthousekeeping' (2004) by Jeanette Winterson