There / Transparent / Not There / Mirror - Tom Squires

Opening - 12:00 AM - Wednesday, 4th of April

Artist Talk - 6:00 PM

Running - 4 Apr 2012 - 22 Apr 2012

Tom Squires is an Adelaide-based artist and writer. He is currently undertaking a Masters by research degree (History and Theory) at the University of South Australia. The work for his current show, THERE/TRANSPARENT/NOT THERE/MIRROR, explores the states and possibilities of the other over there non-animated.


over there


something that is not oneself

not a part of one's body, that is, located at a completelyparallel and detached position in space

- absent of an inner self-sustaining life-force/withoutconsciousness- still, single frames, no movement- not animation (as in, "the technique of photographingsuccessive drawings or positions of puppets or models tocreate an illusion of movement when the film is shown as asequence"1), yet not in the world either, something else