Ustopia - Kate Power & Olivia Kathigitis

Opening - 12:00 AM - Wednesday, 6th of November

Artist Talk - 5:30 PM

Running - 6 Nov 2013 - 23 Nov 2013

Ones grasp of reality is only as they see it; their reality is internal; Heaven and Hell are both within, it is how we interpret them that they alter us. Ustopia is the imagined perfect state. A reality caught between two elements: Utopia and Dystopia. Your perception vs my perception. Ustopia: An Exhibition by Kate Power and Olivia Kathigitis presents an alternate experience - heightening senses in attempt to decipher the truth from reality by depicting the 'in between' state. Within our lives we often fail to absorb things that are strange and unfamiliar, sticking to our learned understanding of what exists and belongs. Kate and Olivia offer their perceptions of an 'in between' state, questioning the limits of our experiences.

Kate Power is an emerging maker and thinker who is currently completing an Honours in Sculpture at UniSA. Kate has shown in various group exhibitions in public spaces and artist run galleries and recently at the Sydney Art Fair. Kate's work typically explores our understanding of female sexuality, celebrating our idiosyncrasies through experiments with sculpture and installation.

Olivia Kathigitis is an emerging South Australian artist and curator. Currently completeing her Honours in Sculpture at UniSA, she is also the acting director of the Format Collective Gallery. Olivia was awarded the Peter Walker Encouragement Prize at the 2013 Helpmann Academy Exhibition.

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