Stevens, Anne - Image for FELTspace Precious Things exhibition.JPG

Back gallery: Anne stevens (sa) - precious things

Opening: 6th June

Running: 7th - 23rd

Making use of non-traditional materials, including left-overs found in studio, hard rubbish and items from hardware stores, Anne Stevens’s process-based cumulative practice generates fragile and vulnerable works that attempt to convey the intrigue she finds in the affective qualities of the process of transformation.

All material things leave a memory or trace as a consequence of the process of growth, change and decay. These material traces of memory also continuously transform, documenting the passing of time and acting as reminders of the fragility of temporal existence. It is the wonder and beauty Stevens finds in this phenomenon which informs her work.

Precious Things combines two methods of Stevens practice - materially cataloguing on studio wall/s and storing materials until the right opportunity - to arrive at a work, an assemblage of floor and wall based primarily readymade, objects or things.

Stevens collects objects/things which many would see as redundant, and by assembling (or connecting or ordering) them in Precious Things, each object/thing which individually speak or correspond with her concerns (and where thoughts are gathered through them), are given new life.