Chelsea Farquhar in studio with  green object 2018 video still .jpg

Back gallery: chelsea farquar (sa) - absent bodies

Opening: 5th September

Exhibition: 6th - 22nd September

Within these works I have been exploring a number of questions about learning through response and what it means for bodies to respond to objects. Sculptures have the ability and power to manipulate and lead bodies through a space. What potential does my body have to learn from a sculptural form and what is sculpture’s performative capacity to influence or leave traces of movement in my body? Through examining my navigation of material and form I am considering the residue of these movements left in my body as a kind of information. A kind of choreography or bodily vocabulary to use as I move through the world. As I was developing this work, I began to feel a disconnect to the artworks I had been referencing. I began to shift the work in attempt to understand some Minimalist and Relational artworks that I have never physically experienced but reference often in my practice. Naturally new questions arose. How can I come to understand a sculpture, performance or relational piece when I am solely experiencing it as documentation through a screen? Utilising video and editing software I am able to manipulate bodies and time whilst bringing into question the validity of phenomenological gallery experiences. Additionally is there a performative residue left through virtual engagement with art documentation and how is that sited in my body? Within these works the editing process became a material within itself to replace physical forms and objects. Simultaneously planned and intuited, my body is responding to present and absent bodies while pre-emptively responding to the editing process.