Photograph by Alycia Bennett

Photograph by Alycia Bennett


Opening - 5:30 PM - Wednesday, 7th June

Artist Talks - 6:00pm

Running - 8th June - 24th June 2017

As romance continues to be a driving cultural narrative in contemporary life, I am constantly interested in the ways we manifest our tentative ideas of romantic love through sincere yet futile actions.

In many ways, I feel we form these initial ideas from the romantic media we consume. Although some of us may never have picked up a Mills and Boon novel or watched Titanic, we understand the formats of these romantic plots.

By removing the figures from iconic cinematic kiss scenes, I aim to create a space in which the audience may consider the sort of romantic relationships these films depict, and offer an opportunity to reimagine these narratives. The makeshift sets endeavor to highlight that real romance is, perhaps, found in the every day; perhaps romance doesn’t require the perfect setting and a pottery wheel.

As delightful as they are potentially damaging, romantic stories often enforce the idea that romantic relationships are an imperative part of human existence. One sometimes has to pinch themselves to remember there are other fulfilling life narratives. These installations aim to highlight this. As each set calls out to be activated the viewer is reminded that romance is not designed for one person, but for two.

Photography by Steph Fuller