FELTspace would like to sincerely thank committee members past and present for their enduring work, ongoing support and advocacy over the years.

Current FELTspace committee:

Bernadette Klavins (Chair/Administrator & Grants Officer)
Bernadette Klavins is an emerging artist working primarily within the field of sculpture. Through her practice, Klavins playfully engages with the potential for sculptural processes to become analogous to geological activity, as she considers the contrasting dimensions of human lifespan and deep time.
In 2016, Klavins graduated from the Adelaide Central School of Art with a Bachelor of Visual Art (First Class Honours). During her Honours year, Klavins received a Major Travel Award and a Study Support Grant from the school. She also exhibited at FELTspace Gallery in 2016, and has since shown at Adelaide Central Gallery and the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in group exhibitions. Klavins continues to develop her sculptural practice at Floating Goose Studios, whilst also contributing to local arts writing and facilitating youth art workshops. In June 2017, Klavins completed a month-long residency at SIM, The Icelandic Association of Visual Art, in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Kate Kurucz (Web & Design Manager)
Kate Kurucz is a painter from South Australia whose work playfully interrogates desire, fantasy and identity building. Kurucz graduated from the Adelaide Central School of Art in 2012 and in 2016 took part in the Guildhouse Collections Project at The Art Gallery of South Australia.

Nancy Downes (Finance Co-Officer)
Nancy Downes is a visual artist who specialises in installation, sculpture and painting. Downes uses tactile materials with light and space to create immersive, enveloping works. The imagery and materiality in her work provides cues toward the body, and investigates registers of human phenomena.
Downes originally graduated from the South Australian School of  Architecture and Design in 2003 and has continued to exhibit both locally and interstate since that time. In 2015, Downes achieved First Class Honours from Adelaide Central School of Art, where she was also named the recipient of the 2015 Tracey Whiting Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Bachelor of Visual Art (Hons).
Downes is a member of Switchboard Studios in Norwood, S.A. and has been involved in several local and interstate exhibitions, as well as an artist residency in Japan, throughout 2017.

Elise Bonato (Writers Program & TEXTclub Co-ordinator)
Multidisciplinary visual artist, Elise Bonato, is a practitioner of the visual-aural arcane. Her predominantly experimental practice investigates contemporary notions and versions of the sublime and mysticism, through a synthesis of moving image, performance, installation, drawing and painting. Since graduating with First Class Honours from the University of South Australia’s School of Art, Architecture and Design in 2012, she has exhibited locally in Australia (SEVENTH Gallery, Sawtooth ARI, FELTspace) as well as internationally in the USA (Interstitial Theatre, NARS Foundation). In 2015, Elise worked in Brooklyn, NYC, participating in a six month residency with the New York Art Residency & Studios Foundation. She is a recipient of the Australia Council for the Arts ArtStart Grant, the American Australian Association's Dame Joan Sutherland Fund and the Helpmann Academy Grant. Her work was recently shown for PHANTASMAGORIA, an exhibition facilitated by the Bogong Centre for Sound Culture as part of her Supported Residency in Bogong Village, VIC and was recently Artist-in-Residence at King’s Bridge Cottage in Cataract Gorge, TAS, coordinated through QVMAG.

Tamara Baillie (Special Events Co-ordinator)
Tamara Baillie works primarily in sculpture and installation to explore personal and collective narratives around identity and memory. Born to a family of boat makers and fishermen, much of her work is informed by ongoing investigations into the darker parts of her family tree. 
Baillie has exhibited at Artspace (NSW), Firstdraft (NSW), Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia, South Australian Museum, Adelaide Festival Centre and Adelaide Town Hall. She was a founding member of onesixteenth, an Adelaide-based contemporary Indigenous visual arts collective and is based at Fontanelle Studios in Bowden SA.
In 2016 she completed both a Master of Visual Arts and a Doctor of Medicine and continues to balance careers in both fields.

Alice Blanch (Social Media & Marketing Officer)
Alice Blanch is an emerging Australian photographer influenced by the ephemeral nature of the sky and its relationship to the landscape below. Alice has a strong connection to the natural world; her photographic artwork is a visual representation of her personal experiences and understanding of the phenomena of nature.
Alice works primarily with photographic film in old cameras, embracing the possibility for magical and unpredictable results. She is passionate about the process of creating and is interested in how she can use her process and artworks to connect with others.
Since graduating from a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Honours, in 2012 Alice has traveled and exhibited her artwork extensively around Australia and has been selected for inclusion in numerous art prizes across the country.

Hen Vaughan (Volunteers Co-ordinator)
Hen Vaughan is a walking artist and writer perambulating through performance, text, dramaturgy and other landscapes experimenting with liveness and the ephemeral. 
They are passionate about accessibility, creative research, process-based making, social design and systems thinking. Hen is completing ongoing Audio Description training at Access2Arts and working at MOD. at UniSA.


Former committee members: Lauren Abineri, Chelsea Farquhar, Becci Love, Fiona Borthwick, Luke Wilcox, Jenna Pippett, Carly Snoswell, Serena Wong, Tamzin Buchan, Kate Moskwa, Kate Power, Ray Harris, Tara Tahmasebi, Meg Wilson, Jemimah Dodd, Jess Miley, Derek Sargent, Steph English, Eleanor Scicchitano, Sundari Carmody, Polly Dance, Riley O'Keeffe, Patrick Rees, James L Marshall, Matt Huppatz, Sam Howie, Jessie Lumb, Celeste Aldahn, Brigid Noone (founding member), Rayleen Forester (founding member), Annika Evans (founding member), Monte Masi (founding member), Logan Macdonald (founding member).