Conversations in Ellipsis - Sally Arnold & Sasha Grbich

Opening - 12:00 AM - Wednesday, 1st of August

Artist Talk - 6:00 PM

Running - 1 Aug 2012 - 26 Aug 2012

Conversations in ellipsis , curated by Lisa Harms deals allegorically, over time, with notions of territory and possession, loss and desire…

an exercise in affect & association… time & (e)motion studies, or things unsaid

Participating artists: Morgan Allender, Sally Arnold, Nic Brown, Cathy Frawley, Sasha Grbich, Liz Hetzel, Lisa Harms, Alessandra Tomeo & Kaylie Weir.

There are three main venues for the project: SASA Gallery, FELTspace Gallery and the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, all within an easy half hour's walking distance in the Adelaide CBD, each presenting a series of discrete yet connected elements. The project examines the lingering after-affect that an art work: an image, an object, or a word may exert, as well as the potentially generative nature of its mis-translation, or transformation. Each curated work has been chosen and will be developed through an extended process of call and response as part of an accumulating 'material conversation'. The resulting installation will disperse from the SASA gallery into related satellite works, with an accompanying catalogue, map and postcards that contain links to an online document of actual works and written reflections (with the potential of connecting future or virtual works) and which will require time and the recall of the viewer, incorporating a sense of loss and recovery into the fabric of the experience.

Together, the assembled curated works in the SASA gallery will suggest the fragility of the territorial boundaries between self and other, self and environment: allegorising the contours of the body with the collapsed ruins of medieval fortifications. Satellite installations will displace and mirror a sense of emotional and environmental vulnerability, depicting the greenest of captured and dissipating landscapes, the most beautiful of natural details in modular painting collages, jewelry, sculptural, video and sound installations: each an intimate expansion of domestic, or personal memory into (impossibly) verdant recalled or imagined landscapes.

Sally Arnold has proposed an installation for the front gallery of FELTspace titled seasonal adjustments: long drops of painted "wallpaper" depicting in a sequence of scenes, a tenuous balance between landscape and water… swans gliding among fragments of a dissipating world. On the floor sculptural forms, containing natural and architectural elements, will create an altered landscape as an after-image or reflection of the painterly drops; exploring the experience of transition and changing states - the meeting point where one element engulfs another. The installation will quietly confuse perception. Seen from the window outside or walking around the room the solid surface of the floor giving way to an illusory auratic depth.

Sasha Grbich is recording the sound of the rain; she is collecting a deluge day by day. Sasha presents an installation for the back gallery of FELTspace comprising collections of sound, video and objects. Step into a deluge of sound and take shelter in a video. The installation explores fragile, porous borders between excitement, disaster and safety.

This project has been assisted by the ArtsSA Public Art & Design program's Commission support funding for works in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. As doctoral candidate, Lisa Harms' curation is assisted by the support of University of South Australia and an APA (Australian Postgraduate Award.