feltdark: danny vines (sa) - deep mode, bone deep

Opening: August 1st

Exhibition: 2nd - 18th

Deep Mode, Bone Deep (2018) explores the physical body as an emotional centre, that’s psychosocial development and grasp on identity are incessantly re-scripted by past experiences written deep within its folds.  With an emphasis on material engagement my work alludes to the remote and at times all-consuming mental patterns one can become embroiled in; patterns that strongly influence paths taken by the body. Sculptural forms look to surface implicit memory, acknowledging it as a place of blockage. Captured in a single channel video, these sculptural verses seek to wade through modes of being that may develop in relationship to self; exposing vulnerabilities that cycle beneath co-dependant and often, unseen, inner struggles.

Deep Mode, Bone Deep negotiates with the limits of sculpted human form, converging at the boundary of thought and emotion, embodied action and artistic expression.