Screening from 8:00pm - Wednesday, 5th July

Running - 5th - 22th July 2017

FELTdark is viewable: Wed - Thur: 6pm - 12am, Fri: 7pm - 12am, Sat: 6pm - 12am

The essay format was originally a space where ideas were explored without singular aim – they were rambling, multidirectional explorations of whatever topic seemed worthy of inquiry.
Essay (On Fate) examines the idea that most of us will remain unremarkable due to the circumstances of being born in the wrong time and location. In this the work is dismissive of the idea of a meritocracy.
Essay (On Opposition) investigates a world where museums host displays of hypothetical futures, thus distancing them and the possibility that they will become reality. A display of two conservative agitators results in their death.
David Greenhalgh’s practice uses public domain archival footage, sounds and music to construct short essay films. By taking fragments of media from dozens of different sources, and arranging them into a narrative, these video works are made to speculate on different social and political futures. In these stories, new sciences and technologies attempt to reshape the human condition (and usually fail). The aim of David’s practice is to extend a hand to the future, through acting as a bricoleur of the past.