FELTspace invites artists / curators / collectives / creatives to submit proposals to exhibit during September - December 2019 and February 2020.

FELTspace welcomes solo or group exhibitions focusing on contemporary art practice and encourages submissions that are concerned with experimental engagement and the subversion of standard art forms. Submitting a proposal is no guarantee of acceptance. Please note FELTspace does not exhibit work by current undergraduate students. We will accept proposals from undergraduate students for exhibitions that will commence after their studies are complete.

Alongside the current Front Gallery and Back Gallery, FELTspace is also inviting proposals for our dedicated video space, FELTdark, a 2.1m wide projection screen filling the front window. FELTdark is in operation Wednesday night through to Saturday night from dusk till late.



All applications will be assessed against the selection criteria below. FELTspace reserves the right not to accept applications that are incorrectly formatted on submission and/or do not address the selection criteria.

- Quality of recent work or work-in-progress
- Strength and innovation of the proposed exhibition
- Specificity and clarity of prospective outcome(s)

Please supply the following text in ONE document. PDF preferred.

1. COVER SHEET (one page)
- Title of project
- Include your name, mobile number, email and postal address
- Include the names of all artists for group/collaborative proposals
- Statement describing the project (max 25 words)
- Preferred gallery space and exhibition month
- Please include if the proposed work includes new media or other electrical requirements
- Interstate artists, please indicate if you will be traveling to Adelaide for the exhibition. (Please note: this is not mandatory for selection)

2. PROJECT DETAILS (one page)
- Exhibition Rationale (300 words)
Please provide a brief outline of the main ideas/concepts that will be explored through your exhibition at FELTspace.

- Installation Description (300 words)
Note: this element is not required for applicants submitting to exhibit in FELTdark.
Describe how you envisage the work will be installed in the space. For example: "Large scale paintings occupying south wall, small scale sculpture (on plinths) occupying entirety of north wall". FELTspace encourages continual development of the proposal, however specific descriptions allow the committee to visualise the artworks in the gallery, and give us an idea of what the audience see as they enter the space.
High quality support material is essential. Please do not duplicate the same material in different formats. Indicate if the support material is indicative of, or is the work to be exhibited. Please include an image list with the name of artist, title, year, medium and dimensions for any supporting material.
Images can be attached to the email independently of the written application content. If sending large images however, please send us a LINK to a Dropbox folder. Please do not SHARE a folder with us as this will take up space on our drive.
DO NOT SEND ANY CONTENT COMPRESSED TO A .ZIP FILE. We will not accept material formatted in this manner.

Digital images
- Images of 95dpi and no more than 1MB, each, .JPEG formatted only.
- Maximum of 10 images for solo exhibitions and 20 images for group exhibitions. Please title your images as 'lastname_firstname_title_year.jpg' i.e. 'smith_john_painting_2013.jpg'.

- Please include links to online video or audio material, such as Vimeo (preferred) or Soundcloud - limited to 10 minutes in length per film. Ensure to include any passwords to material with restricted access. Please contact us if you would prefer to post a DVD.

Artist CV
- One page per artist.

- Include links to website(s)
- Link to any other appropriate online support material, i.e. articles written about your relevant work and/or practice, available online.



Gallery Fees
- Front gallery: $300 (plus $150 bond)
- Back gallery: $150 (plus $100 bond)
- FELTdark: $75 (no bond)
FELTdark Screen specs: 16:9 Aspect ratio, Projector model: Epson EB-4750W. Sound is negotiable.

FELTspace holds monthly exhibitions with openings on the first Wednesday of every month from February to December. Artists are expected to participate in informal artist talks for each opening. We have implemented a writing program with emerging arts writers invited to author responses to each exhibition. If selected, your exhibition will be promoted through email, social media, on our website and in various publications. You will be required to enter into a contract and will be responsible for install, de-install, an artist talk and a minimum of 3 shifts of gallery sitting. If traveling from interstate, these terms are negotiable.

FELTspace does not take commission on works sold.

FELTspace has limited audio and visual equipment. Please enquire if you would like to use this equipment and specify clearly in your application what the purpose of this equipment use is, in respect to your proposed exhibition.

Please note: FELTspace applications must be submitted electronically via email. Applications received that do not meet the outlined requirements will be ineligible. 

If you would like to discuss your application prior to submitting it, please email us at feltspace(at)gmail.com



Please ensure you have supplied the following according to the specifications outlined above. Email the contents in a single .PDF document with the subject "EXHIBITION PROPOSAL FEB-JUL 2019" to feltspace[at]gmail[.]com:

  1. Cover sheet

  2. Exhibition rationale (max 300 words)

  3. Installation description (max 300 words)

  4. Support material (digital images and/or video)

  5. List of support material

  6. One page artist CV