Front Gallery: Liam Colgan (WA) - King Single // Expanded Queen
Back Gallery: Kristen Coleman (SA) - Parallel
FELTdark Street Cinema - 21st April

Opening: 5th April
Running: 6th - 22nd


Front Gallery: Mia Van den Bos (SA) - Can I get a moment?
Back Gallery: Callum McGrath (QLD) - Site (re) Constructed IV
FELTdark: Elise Bonato (SA) - The Violet Hour

Opening: 3rd May
Running: 4th - 20th


Front Gallery: Christina Peek (SA) - Since the invention of the kiss…
Back Gallery: Jake Holmes (SA) - It’s Complicated
FELTdark: Michael Schaefer (SA) - Primary

Opening: 7th June
Running: 8th - 24th