Front Gallery: Christina Peek (SA) - Since the invention of the kiss…
Back Gallery: Jake Holmes (SA) - It’s Complicated
FELTdark: Michael Schaefer (SA) - Primary

Opening: 7th June
Running: 8th - 24th


Front Gallery: Min Wong (SA) - Tammy&Jim
Back Gallery: Stephen Armitstead (WA) - Descendant and False Door
FELTdark: David Greenhalgh (NSW) - Essai

Opening: 5th July
Running: 6th - 22nd

August - sala fESTIVAL

Front Gallery: Sophie Corso (SA)
Back Gallery: Nat Penney (SA)
FELTdark: Kelly Reynolds (SA)

Opening: 2nd August
Running: 3rd - 19th


Front Gallery: Nancy Downs (SA) - Exhale
Back Gallery + FELTdark: Alycia Bennett (SA)

Opening: 6th September
Running: 7th - 23rd


Front Gallery: Hayley Miller (VIC) - I’m the Captain of Dem Cheeky Bulls
Back Gallery: Jane Skeer (SA) - Artist + Matter + Environment = Us

Opening: 4th October
Running: 5th - 21st


Front Gallery + FELTdark: Ray Harris (SA) - Ghosts in the Machine
Back Gallery: Cassie Thring (SA) - Here be Dragons

Opening: 1st November
Running: 2nd - 18th

HOBIENNALE 2017 | Hobart | 3rd – 10th November


Front Gallery: Matt Gorgula (SA/NSW) - The state of being natural
Back Gallery: Gemma Weston (WA) - Beside Myself
FELTdark: Elyas Alavi (SA)

Opening: 6th December
Running: 7th - 23rd