Front Gallery: Loren Orsillo (SA) - Trophy Hunting
Back Gallery: Erin Linhart (TAS) - A Little More Suffering
FELTdark: Kelly Reynolds (SA) - Pigeon

Opening: October 2nd
Duration: 3rd - 19th


Front Gallery: Tara Rowhani-Farid (SA) - charlie schmidt’s cool cat (THE ORIGINAL)
Back Gallery: Hanah Williams (SA) - The Dreaming Forest
FELTdark: Danny Jarratt (SA) - Untitled

Opening: November 6th
Duration: 7th - 23rd


Front Gallery: Sophia Phillips and Alison Smiles (SA) - Tools of Self
Back Gallery: Aleksandra Antic (SA) - a study for the dissolved self
FELTdark: Justine Walker (NZ) - do you love me?

Opening: December 4th
Duration: 5th - 21st

february 2020

Front Gallery: Jonathan Kim (SA) - Density: the phenomenological exploration
Back Gallery: Sue Kneebone (SA) - Pampelmousses Garden
FELTdark: Sue Kneebone (SA) - Untitled

Opening: February 5th
Duration: 6th - 22nd