Front Gallery: Rachael Haynes (WA) - I think with my body
Back Gallery: Sarah Tickle (SA) - Keep your dukes up
FELTdark: Zoe Bastin (VIC) - That which was once familiar (unknowing)

Opening: February 6th
Duration: 7th - 23rd


Front Gallery: Nat Penney (SA) - simple actions / sensory satisfactions in the unrest
Back Gallery: Rebecca Mc Ewan (SA) - 4000 Stories
FELTdark: India Kenning (SA) - Pulsate

Opening: March 6th
Duration: 7th - 23rd


Front Gallery: Caitlin Bowe (SA) - Untitled
Back Gallery: Ursula Cooper (WA) - ABSOLUTION
FELTdark: Paul Sutherland (WA) -Down Time

Opening: April 3rd
Duration: 4th - 20th


Front Gallery: Matt Brown (WA) - ACCUMULATE
Back Gallery: Lee Walter (SA) - Imago
FELTdark: Shannon Marlborough (WA) - Touch My Pixels

Opening: May 1st
Duration: 2nd - 18th


Front Gallery: Kate Bohunnis - interior translation
Back Gallery: Sister Gallery (SA) - Curated Show
FELTdark: Renuka Rajiv (INDIA) - Explo In Mo 2

Opening: June 5th
Duration: 6th - 22nd