Front Gallery: Tom Borgas (SA) - Barriers IRL
Back Gallery: Anne Stevens (SA) - Precious Things
FELTdark: Corinna Berndt (VIC) - Collision Level

Opening: 6th June
Duration: 7th - 23rd


Front Gallery: Anna Dunnill (VIC) - Lead Me to the Holy Mountain
Back Gallery: Alice Blanch (SA) - A Quiet Peak
FELTdark: Laura Moore (NSW) - Can I See You Next Tuesday

Opening: 4th July
Duration: 5th - 21st


Front Gallery: Eduard Helmbold (SA)
Back Gallery: Kate O'Boyle (SA)
FELTdark: Danny Vines (SA)

Opening: 1st August
Duration: 2nd - 18th


Front Gallery: Ray Harris (SA) - Ghosts in the Machine
Back Gallery: Chelsea Farquhar (SA)
FELTdark: Ray Harris (SA) - Ghosts in the Machine

Opening: 5th September
Duration: 6th - 22nd


Front Gallery: Max Callaghan (SA) - inside mumbling rain
Back Gallery: Phuong Ngo & Hwafern Quach (VIC) - Expansionism III
FELTdark: Monika Morgenstern (SA) - Visitors of the Night

Opening: 3rd October
Duration: 4th - 20th


Front Gallery: Callum Harper (UK/VIC) - motorola razr my heart out
Back Gallery: Deb Prior & Jess Taylor (SA) - Deep, Dark, Desparate / Eat Your Saints
FELTdark: Callum Harper (UK/VIC)

Opening: 7th November
Duration: 8th - 24th


Front Gallery: Roberta Rich (VIC) - Deny / Denial / Denied
Back Gallery: Tamara Baillie (SA) - Lighthouse
FELTdark: Katherine Corcoran (NSW) - DEEP/SLOW

Opening: 5th December
Duration: 6th - 22nd