April 21st 2017: FELTdark Street Cinema

To celebrate the first anniversary of FELTdark, FELTspace is putting on a street cinema event. The project will feature  moving image works by emerging South Australian, interstate and international artists. The event will take place in Compton Street, both in and around FELTspace at 12 Compton Street, Terra-Villa at 10 Compton Street and Pushpin Boutique at 8 Compton Street. 

This project reflects our desire to continue to support and develop the arts in Adelaide, Australia, with projects that promote and encourage a strong arts community, while engaging interstate and international artists will not only help raise the profile of SA-based artists but it will also develop and strengthen the wider community. 

Alex Bishop-Thorpe (SA) | Elise Bonato (SA) | Jordana Bragg (NZ) | Madison Bycroft (SA) | Georgina Cue (VIC) | Laura Duffy (NZ) | Chloe Guerbois (FR/DE) | Isabella Hone-Saunders (SA/VIC) | Ana Maria Luczak (PL/NL) | Kari Robertson (UK/NL) | Kapar Schmidt-Mumm (SA) | Jess Taylor (SA) | Sarah Tickle (SA) | Henry Jock Walker (SA) | Anna Zett (DE)

This project is supported by Arts South Australia and Splash Adelaide

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Photos by Dave Court, Yewth Mag