Screening from 8:00pm - Wednesday, 1st February

Running - 2nd February - 18th February 2017

FELTdark is viewable: Wed - Sat: 6pm - 12am, Fri: 7pm - 12am

Shifting Interior Cavities is an ephemeral in-situ work that examines the possibility of matters’ performative power to affect ones’ own subjectivity in relation to identity and cultural construction.  Each ice cavity held the percentage of water contained in my body. The wall formation was an attempt to denote boundaries that could be repositioned due to an awareness of the surrounding forces that affect and are affecting us. The intention of the work was to explore the body/materiality/nature as a performative participant to initiate an awareness of an ongoing interconnection. Through the documentation of the work I hoped to activate the way we are interconnected in relation to each other. This activation could raise an awareness of the interrelatedness of bodies and non-human forces to develop new modes of existence and create an alternate way of ‘being’ in the world.

Video Documentation credit: Peter Drew