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Opening - 5:30 PM - Wednesday, 4th October

Artist Talks - 6:00pm

Running - 5th - 21st October 2017

Working predominantly in sculpture and installation, Jane Skeer responds to observations of people, objects, and materiality. Seeking to prove that the unwanted is in fact useful and that it might prompt us to rethink our relationship with it. Respecting the life and qualities of the material, her aim is to work collaboratively with material agency to activate it in some way.
Left Behind
 is a very personal work. It is footage filmed during my grief after losing my mother in 2016. Having spent time in the studio with my mother’s scarves, I attempted to make a wall piece in her memory. Eventually I tore them down in frustration and embraced them. The smell of her perfume waffled through the air. Discovering, through process, that this was the work, not a wall piece. I turned my I-phone towards myself and filmed my hands desperately hugging the scarves, holding them against my body.

My aim was to capture the emotion imbued in this moment. I was angry and desperately saddened that she had gone, that the ugly side of cancer had taken her from us. Left Behind describes my inner emotions.

Photography by Steph Fuller