Feltdark: KATHERINE CORCORAN (NSW) - t e n d e r / r u i n

t e n d e r / r u i n  investigates the potential for queer subjectivity and atypical modes of desire to be explored as virtual centres of power. J.E Munoz describes a queer aesthetic as having the capacity to map a forward-dawning futurity and to carve paths of potentiality. The installation syncs the embodied with the simulated and considers modes of existing and desiring that splinter from the norm. A flesh that flows, a sound that fucks, a platonic hard on ~ tender manifestations and delusions that ruin. It looks towards a subtle body politic and mindful contemplation where queerness can reveal utopian ideals.

Katherine Corcoran works with digital media, sculpture and performance. Her practice is led by an interest in queer subjectivity, virtual intimacy and embodiment. She is currently undertaking an MFA by Research at UNSW Art and Design and has has exhibited at Casula Powerhouse, ACMI, 4a Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Firstdraft Gallery, Underbelly Arts Festival, Bus Projects, and Grace and Fyfe Gallery, Glasgow.

J. E. Munoz, Cruising Utopia: The Then and There of Queer Futurity, NYU Press, 2009