Opening - 5:30 PM - Wednesday, 5th April

Artist Talks - 6:00pm

Running - 6th April - 22nd April 2017

Sometimes we see a flicker at the edge of our vision, something in the cinematic landscape speeding past at 24 frames per second that peaks our interest, a glimpse of something familiar in the light, the scene, that somehow reminds us of our past experiences, a personal narrative that runs parallel to the narrative of a film.  It is a memory, or sediments of memories, being channeled through the images into the present converging with the landscapes on film.  It is as if we are time travellers from the future and our past is tethered to the cinematic landscape.

Parallel is part of a continued exploration into the cinematic landscape.  When our vision intersects with a seemingly hermetic story the potential for us to find ourselves; the ability to map our experiences through the landscapes becomes apparent.  Our lives emerge from the screen, entangled within a vast archive of cinema and when memory and cinematic landscapes blur together an interstice is created where a sense of place and the memory of light burns brightly.   

Photography by Steph Fuller