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feltdark: Laura moore (nsw) - window

Opening July 4th
Exhibition running 4th - 21st July

The woman by the window is a recurring portrayal of feminine identity in the arts, yet it is often overlooked. Her commonness creates a familiarity that allows her to go unnoticed and conceals her significance but it is her repetition that caught my attention and consideration.

Presented in the traditionally feminine domain of the domestic interior, the window acts as a site of dichotomy and negotiation. The window is simultaneously a disguised barrier and a mode of connection between the public and the private, the domestic interior and the street, the familiar and the possible. It is a medium for seeing but also being seen, offering a sense of protection but also of vulnerability.

In this work I have cast myself as the woman by the window to investigate what she means now. At first I thought of her as a woman waiting to be released. I now see her as a woman discovering herself and deciphering the relationship between her internal desires and external expectations. I have found that the woman by the window does not offer answers but she does ask very personal questions.