Image:  Same Page , 2019, ceramic vessel (detail), dimensions variable

Image: Same Page, 2019, ceramic vessel (detail), dimensions variable

nancye turnbull (Sa) - same page

back Gallery: 8th - 24TH august 2019

The forms in this exhibition are decorated with native animals that live on Ngarrindjeri land that rely on the Murray River to keep flowing. I choose to make vessels to hold water, as ceramics and water have a long association. Ceramic water filters have been used for nearly 200 years and are still in use in many developing countries. Everyone needs water like the Murray River. I hope with my pieces that people understand how much we need the River to survive and that we can help save it from drying up for good. I would love for people to buy one of my ceramic pots so they can take it home, fill it with water and place flowers in. When they look at the pot I hope they remember about the Murray River crisis we have and what they can do to save it. In making this work, I was inspired by the Greens party's views on the Murray River basin. Tobias DeMaine and Tamara Sladojevic also inspired me as they make ceramic coffee keep cups, which they sell at their café, helping to reduce waste. I hope every one gets on the same page and we do something about the Murray River crisis that is happening in our very own back yard right now and save it before it is too late.