front gallery + feltdark: Callum harper (uk/vic) - motorola razr your heart out

Callum Harper (Australia, 1993) works with notions around LGBT culture, and combines discourse around reality and online life to create dialogue around the disparate differences of communication IRL vs URL. Primarily working with text, video and performance, Harper travels to varied destinations of contrasting political values toward LGBT citizens, and internalises locals opinions and his personal experiences on acceptance and daily life. The amalgamation of this collected experiential information and research data informs the medium and personal responses to experiences within differing contexts. Harper also speaks of queer love, and the notion of finding the one in the technological era.  In 2018, where suitors for love, intimacy and sex can be found on a device we always place in our pockets, there are questions whether accessibility has voided ability to maintain conversation in the sea of superficial profile pictures and if the one is really within a 10km radius of your bedroom.  Harper holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Monash University in Caulfield, Australia, and a Master of Fine Arts from Konstfack in Stockholm, Sweden.