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Front Gallery - February 6th - 23rd

Rachael Haynes’ art practice engages with feminist ethics, archives and activism by examining the social and personal constructs of language and gender. This new exhibition is part of the ongoing Project for the Affirmation of the Voice, and addresses the polyvocal nature of contemporary feminism. These drawings, sound and fabric works are focused on the intersections of language, gender politics and representation as observed in social practices, material archives and cultural texts. Taking as a starting point the provocation that, ‘small acts of resistance can create change’, this body of work draws specifically on protest language from feminist social history archives.

Rachael Haynes is a contemporary artist and academic currently based in Brisbane, Australia. Rachael completed a PhD in Visual Arts (2009) with the support of an Australian Postgraduate Award for research at QUT, where she is now a Lecturer in Visual Arts. Rachael has exhibited her work widely in independent galleries and ARIs, most recently with solo exhibitions at Kuiper Projects (Brisbane), Bus Projects (Melbourne), and FirstDraft Gallery (Sydney). Rachael has been actively involved in artist-run activity since 2010, she was a founding member of feminist art collective LEVEL, and was the Gallery Director of Boxcopy Contemporary Art Space (2012-2018).