front gallery + feltdark: ray harris (SA) - Ghosts in the machine

Opening: 5th September

Exhibition: 6th - 22nd September

Ghosts in the Machine is an exploration of the profoundly enigmatic nature of memory and identity, both what is remembered and forgotten, what remains and fades. Its effects and emotional responses linger in our psyche and bodies as felt connections, lived experiences and unknown forces. I have been contemplating our personal ghosts both recalled and disremembered and the affects of the past lingering within, haunting us in immeasurable intangible ways. The ways remembering is negotiated through repression, death, depression or trauma. I am concerned with what is unseen and overlooked and in what ways we become forgotten to others and ourselves. Within this exhibition the mechanical repetitive act of making hundreds of fabric ghosts replicates innumerable recorded memories, both acknowledged and lingering unconsciously, involuntarily and uncontrollably.