Supermarket Art Fair 2012

17-19 February 2012Press viewing 16 February.Opening hours: Fri 11am-10pm, Sat 11am-8pm, Sun 11am-6pm.

SUPERMARKET is an international art fair created and managed by artists.Artist-run galleries and similar artists' initiatives exhibit the latest tendencies in art. The focus is on the meeting between audience, art and artists from around the world as much as the exhibition itself.

FELTspace would like to acknowledge our generous supporters of our attendance at the Supermarket Independent Art Fair in Stockholm, Sweden. The fair was an amazing opportunity to interact with other artists and artist run spaces from Europe, Asia, Canada, South Africa and more fostering valuable connections, networks and opportunities for exhibitions, swaps and collaborations. And to show our space and Adelaide artists to over 6,000 viewers.

We greatly appreciate your generous donations which helped to making this exciting project possible!

Raylene Forester

Margaret Hancock Davis

Amy Griffiths

Sundari Carmody

Becci Love

Jessie Lumb

David de Boer

Bianca Barling

Fruzi Kenzi

Stephanie Lyall

Jessie Henley

Omar El- Domeiri

Jason Ramos

Michal Kedam

Henry Jock Walker

Alice Blanch

Jennifer Greer Holmes

Chloe Langford

Timothy Tuppence

Lauren Marshall

We also thank Art Guide Australia for their generous in kind support.